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helpppppppppp plz

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    I have downloaded Palspyv2 unzipped it, read the doc what do i do next? how do i use it? 😕 ps fantastic site u guys 😀


    Thanks 🙂

    oki this how to do it in the folder comes two itemes the doc and the server all you do is send the server to the person you want to connect to, if that person opens the server, then u connect to the person via the internet.

    so you open your browser you know like ie or netscape which ever u use and type the person you send the server to, ip with port 8080, its going to be like this

    for example it the person ip is you type on your browser this

    lol thas it that how u connect when you go there you will see like a panel of what u can do.

    remember the person must had open the server aigh.

    oh to find out the person ip in paltalk do this

    first you must have private video, or be in the proccess of transfering a file with that person

    in the process while you either transfering the file or having private video do this. Go to Start in windows right lower corner, then go to Run there type command there you type netstat -n and a bunch of ips will come out with different port,

    what you have to look for are the ip on the Foreing address colum that end with this 2 ports 2090 or 2091,

    for example so the ip in this case is 🙂 if u need more help just reply okie

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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