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Hi Loco / Ghost

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    Hi Guys,

    I dunno where to turn to for help… Appologies if u dont expect ne 1 to pvt msg u but i had no choice i am quite frustrated n furious now at the paltalk… I need one of u guys help. Some one gave me a program for multi login to paltalk. I installed it but didnt work may be coz i am using Vista n it was meant for XP. Now every time i login with my id, the paltalk window freezes ( No response after logging in) and the cursor keeps continuously showing the in-progess icon. I have to reinstall each time to use the paltalk with that particular id else if i use some other it works absolutely fine. I really need urgent help on this. Plz plz help me out….
    Tell me if i have to check any settings or anything in the registry or anything ?? I already tried using a different id and also a different Windows user still it gives me the same freezing thingy with that particular nick. Also searched the entire registry n delete what ever i found to do with paltalk still didnt help….. I dont even remember the secret answer to change the damn password…. Can somthing be done both for this prob as well as that bloody secret answer ???

    I haven’t gotten any help from the pal support so far about this… I have written the same email to Ghost as well and so i am writing to u too as all i can expect is some help from here inregard to this…

    Thanks for reading my mail.


    Umm, one thing do you get nick login from another pc error by any chance?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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