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How music is play in paltalk

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    Ok, I am thinking on making a music bot for paltalk, but since i dont mess much with music in paltalk I was wondering bout how music bots work, this is my questions if someone can hook me up with the answers I be doing a music bot for you all.

    1-Do music bot aloud you to speak and play music at the same time, I mean I know if you have a mic you can have music on the background and talk at the same time lol,

    ah thats bout it I mean I got a pretty cool source from planet source code and i know how to make it so ur mp3 be the default sound in paltalk all i need to know if a music bot suppose to aloud u to talk and play music at the same time?

    Confusing so am i lol anyways I gonna try something for u guys to test by today to see what I mean okie 🙂


    Ah another thing what type of command you guys want to have on it, I mean like you can send text on the room.

    so far I gonna be putting , replay, next song, last song, song name, and more but I need your guys feed back on it 🙂


    well all a music bot does is play a song based on a command
    then its up to u if you want to get on mic or not
    it doesnt have anything to do with it
    its same thing as opening up a song in windows media player

    and some commands would be


    all i can think of


    aigh, but i am saying u dont need to talk and paly at the same time right 🙂 cause the way i fingure u can either talk or paly you cant do both at the same time 🙂 u know wha i mean


    u should be able to do both at the same time
    all the mp3 player would be doing is somethin like this
    !request “red hot chili peppers- otherside”

    then it will open the song and play it

    but what i think u are talking about is when the Recording control is set to either Microphone or Stereo Mix

    microphone = everything comming in the microphone

    stereo mix = everything thats playing within the computer, comming out your speakers

    so in order to achieve better quality sound and the sound being picked up not including your voice or your coughs or whatever, you would select Stereo Mix

    u can add 2 select buttons or a combo box allowing user to choose stereo mix or microphone

    now in order to select one or the other through windows

    open you Volume Control (speaker icon on taskbar)
    go to Options, Properties
    there u got either Playback, Recording, or Other
    select Recording
    and make sure Stereo mix or whatever you want to select is selected to show
    then hit Ok and the Volume Control will change into Recording Control
    this is where u can select Stereo Mix, or microphone, or phone line, whatever it may be that u want to be the recording source
    make sure the volume isnt on full blast tho, mine is in between the first and second bar and sound volume is perfect


    aigh thats exactly what i wanted to know cause I notice the other music bots dont know how they work but their sound quality is not that great, but when i put it on stareo it sounds perfect, so what i will do give the people the option to turn music and go to mic visa versa, the music sound so much better like that 🙂


    that would be great man sound like a peace of work stereo mix its so much better whene u play music its clear i think every boddy would like that good work bro….. 😀


    lol, yeps its cool and i dint even have to coded i got the code from planet source ): all i need to do is addapted to paltalk 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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