How to translate paltalk your language – incompleted

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    Well I was bored so I check into this, I wanted to make a spanish paltalk, and I remember playing with this long time ago the famous reshack which you can download here

    okey so here the deal, its incomplete, why cause when u finish An you try to logon to paltalk tells you that the damn file is corrupt, so here where we need the porgrams cracker gurus, how to make this work after we compile it, anyways here the steps follw them and you will have a paltalk in your language that doesnt work lol, do this if u got time and u bore lol

    ok so open reshack then on reshack go to file then click on open and look for the paltalk client, where u install it, then reshack will look like this once your open the paltalk client

    oke here its a simple example on changing the language of some of paltalk stuff look at this pic, most of the editing for changing the language is going to be done on the menu and dialog folder, you guys can play with other stuff like changing the look u can do a lot of stuff but for now we just be playing with the language 🙂

    ok here where u change the language click on the window on the right where u want to change the language.

    Then when you done just click on compile script and if u wanna try it just put the compile file in the same paltalk folder, 🙂

    But like I said it will give u a file corrupt error, thas why we need some gurus to help us out 🙂

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