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imFiles – Now on Facebook, Youtube & Twitter

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    imFiles ready for Youtube and Facebook
    imFiles ready Social Pages and Youtube and Channel

    [imFiles Fan Page]

    [ imFiles Facebook Profile:]

    [imFiles Youtube Channel]

    [imFiles Twitter Page]

    (imFiles +Google)

    I am glad to announce our latest Updates & News, which I have been waiting for a very long time now!
    Just like the good old Balool, I managed to create a similar task for Imfiles too. We are now releasing our new Youtube Channel and Facebook Fan Page for our users! Many of you may already have access to our Twitter Page, but now we are also Publishing Short Video Tutorials on youtube & weekly updates on facebook. Our Youtube Channel is connected to our Facebook and Twitter account, so this way we will be able to send our users updates by publishing it once.

    I know personally that some of our users have had problems figuring out how to use some of the tools available on Downloads Page! With our Social Pages and Tutorials on youtube we will at least try to make it a bit more easier for you guys to use our Tools and get our latest news and updates!

    We dedicate our Social Pages to all the hardworking Developers, Users and Friends of our forum who have been working hard for this. So A Big Thanks To Them for keeping us updated!

    How to get Weekly Updates?

    This requires that you JOIN our Facebook Fan Page or Follow us on Twitter. This way it will be a lot more easier for you to get each and every update about our tools latest Tools & new releases! Many of our users have not the ability to join or login to our forums! Now you have a better chance to comment us on Facebook or on Twitter, even on Youtube and this way you will make it a lot easier for us and yourself to update our tools faster!

    imFiles Youtube (Video Tutorails):

    Do you need a Video Tutorial for your product on Imfiles? If you are a developer on our forum or and do request a complete Tutorial for your tool, then feel free to Contact LocoHacker or (ME) ChiNa-Man! I will be the one making the Tutorials for our some of our Tools in future! If you want us to Publish your own Video Tutorial with your own Tool, then feel free to contact me. Please guide me for any types of Video Tutorial or Video Production and I will be glad to help out as well!

    For our videos we recommend using a Background Image. We have already published a video with our own BackGround Image that showing imFiles clearly in the background. We can provide you the same background image by 2200x1238px for your videos. The reason for Background Image is very simple…. We want to make sure our videos does not contain anything that would break any copyright rules for other products or product names! Notice also that using background music without any prove for our material as copyright rules goes, this is enough to have our video removed or even in some cases sued. So please consider that befor producing your video. If you decided to use your own music as in background, please send us some copyright or any type of agreement for your music! That way we make also sure not to get our Videos Removed or copied by others! By using a background image, we make sure to at least have something that wont hurt our channel and also to have it as our own prove as copyrighted material.

    Ps, If you want to add music for the Background we recommend youto use Youtubes own music or soundtracks that you can find on and in your profile! [/size]

    Please read about Youtubes Copyright Rules and more in here:

    Can we add imFiles Facebook Profiles as Friends? Our Facebook Profile is different than our Facebook Fan Page! All our latest Updates will be published on our Profiles First and then on our Fan Page! If you wanna add imFiles Facebook Profile, then you are more than welcome to do it, But befor that its important to read our rules and terms of use, because everything you post will be seen by all of our other friends.

      *You are


      allowed to Add Links to other Websites, Such as Commercials, or Downloads links for other products or Software. If we feel that your are not following our guidlines in a proper way, you WILL BE un-friended.


      *You can comment and Like anything on our Profile


      *Asking for support continuously is not a good thing to do on our facebook profile, so instead please


      visit our forum, or join our “Help & Support Group” on facebook..


      *For Support on FB, Join imFiles Help and Support Group Link:

    Ps, feel free to Copy or share our Logos and Icons.

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