Making Programs Fo the new paltalk

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    Well I am trying to make a flooder for this new paltalk but man is confusing my ass lol, I try using the Api spy but no matter how I try to make the code it dont work, here the Api Spy code for just to put the text on the richeditbox

    Dim wtlsplitterwindow As Long, atlc As Long, atlaxwin As Long
    Dim x As Long, richedita As Long
    wtlsplitterwindow = FindWindow("wtl_splitterwindow", vbNullString)
    wtlsplitterwindow = FindWindowEx(wtlsplitterwindow, 0&, "wtl_splitterwindow", vbNullString)
    atlc = FindWindowEx(wtlsplitterwindow, 0&, "atl:004c2600", vbNullString)
    atlaxwin = FindWindowEx(atlc, 0&, "atlaxwin71", vbNullString)
    x = FindWindowEx(atlaxwin, 0&, "#32770", vbNullString)
    richedita = FindWindowEx(x, 0&, "richedit20a", vbNullString)
    richedita = FindWindowEx(x, richedita, "richedit20a", vbNullString)

    Compare this to the old paltalk

    Dim richedita As Long
    richedita = FindWindow("richedit20a", vbNullString)

    Wtf is that lol, can you guys desifile it lol

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