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New bypass (Paltalk Virtual-Machine Block)

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    Update by Samirsonna

    New Virtual Machinebypass Paltalk Blockings!

    Full Tutorial by ChiNa-Man

    Download Qemu Manager 7:

    To all the people using OLD VIRTUAL BOX or VMWARE
    As you all know, paltalk is blocking all the VirtualMachines.

    Yesterday a SamirSonna a member of our forum, Posted a video about this, then I had to make a TUTORIAL for you guys! Please notice that its a bit Slower than other Virtual Machines, Its only 8MB large, which is 10 to 15 times smaller Than a usual Virtual Machine..

    This is called “QEMU MANAGER 7.0” Its only 8-Mb, but make
    sure to Put a HIGH Memory and Ram when you are Installing another Windows,
    Bcoz it might run a bit slower than Virtualbox and Vmware!

    Remember that Qemu Manager have its own Optimizing System and TAP-NETWORK system, its set to use your LAN CONNECTION, but you can also set it as WIRELESS, make sure to change the configurations.

    Very small and very fast, Paltalk is not blocking Qemu Manager yet.
    Many Thanks to SamirSonna for his Suggestion and the Video he posted!
    Just make good use of it :puha: befor it gets blocked 😀

    Good Luck!

    Thanks to SamirSonna from ChiNa-Cheats


    china great trick But very very slow


    Hello ,
    I am a new member of this nice paltalk not working with win7…sometimes worked after 4-5days interval.
    anyway I tried to install Qemu Manager 7 from here.its installed but when I create a new account he said PC not booted from CD drive and Hang !
    Actually I am not clear the Guide video…..Dear China”” pls you are requested to write down step by step process for make a new VB account.

    IF u can help to find out any east way to log paltalk from win7 ?
    Thanks with best regards


    This software blocked now

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