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Notice of a change in the way instant messaging works

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    No biggie just interesting thas all 🙂

    once you initiate a conversation with someone in a chat room, that user will be able to respond to you regardless of whether they are on your pal list or not

    you and this user may chat during this login session, regardless of your privacy settings

    it is assumed that since you are initiating the conversation that you wish to chat to the user, therefore your privacy settings are temporarily disabled for this user for the chat session – once you log off and back on your privacy settings will return to normal in regard to this user

    this eliminates the need to add someone to your pal list, or the need to modify your privacy settings to start a casual chat session

    please take note that the user you are contacting may have their own privacy settings set to not accept messages from users unless they are on their pal list

    this means that even though you may wish to chat with the user, they may not be accepting messages from users who are not on their pal list

    if you wish to allow this person to contact you at any time during subsequent login sessions, add this user to your pal list


    thanks mate , this will help , i wont add ppl for a second and then remove hehe

    Pas aka Mr Lagger

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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