PALTALK 9.0 Beta Build 166

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    PALTALK 9.0 Beta Build 166



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    Build: 166 of paltalk 9
    November 20, 2006. Changes/Fixes
    Change: Added options to close and view video in the dropdown menu on webcam tiles in superIM.
    BugFix: Floating video windows in chat rooms were not defaulting to “view video” image when members stopped publishing video – fixed.
    Change: Added tool tips to tool bar buttons in chat rooms.
    BugFix: Some members crashed when viewing a webcam in superIM – fixed.
    BugFix: Clicking “view larger video” in SuperIM caused client to crash for some members – fixed.
    Change: Added new join welcome room button on welcome tab.
    Change: Added new start chatting button on welcome tab.
    Change: SuperIM’s can now hold 10 members (was 5).
    BugFix: When in a chat room or audio superIM, if you receive another audio superIM request it muted your current room even if you haven’t accepted the request – fixed we will not mute the current room when a audio enabled superIM request is received.
    Change: Enabled drag and drop and files over the IM window to start a file transfer.
    Change: Added a new red SuperIM icon for task bar.
    BugFix: Blue (plus) nicknames could not always view 6 webcams – fixed.
    BugFix: Sometimes when joining a chat room, the room would not show but other members see your nickname in the room – fixed.
    BugFix: Double clicking a nickname while @admin in a chat room now red dots that member.
    Change: Floating video windows: we now keep the current size box highlighted in the re-size options.
    Change: Added new inter-op buttons on pals tab.
    Change: Inter-op buttons now light up when logged into that service.
    Change: Added “Select All” option for blast IM.
    Bugfix: Members were getting logged off the system when sending blast IM’s and Invite to multiple members – Fixed.
    BugFix: SuperIM silhouette tile now shows muted state until member accepts the add audio request.
    BugFix: The pull down list to select a member’s video to view was too narrow in the smallest film strip size -fixed, we made this wider.
    Change: Swapped position of Add Audio and invite buttons in IM.

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