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Paltalk 9.2 AKA Paltalkscene 9.2 Build 225 is out.

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    Aigh peeps the new Paltalk 9.2 AKA Paltalkscene 9.2 Build 225 is out. so far the same shit, ehhe prob more bugs fixing and stuff, Ah I havent try the programs to see if they work for these new paltalk. check up in here


    what is wrong with these people. They can’t make one stable paltalk and leave it working for some time. Every few weeks they make new one. Are they sick or what ?


    Man being banned in Paltalk 9.2 sucks. 🙁 Admins out there are just in a power trip so sad for a little power like that they ban people. The Admins talk smack at you and when you talk smack back at them they bann you. So gay. So is there a new software for pal talk 9.2 unbanned/ anti-banned program? Help.


    I actually found that Dark Coders anti ban gets you out of ALL paltalk bans. I got banned seriously 19 times yesterday, mic bans, text bans, disabled null bans, inapropriate use bans, banned from all groups bans, all of it lol And within probably 3 minutes of using the Dark Coder antiban I was back on. Awesome shit.


    gre N30 🙂 hey one thing do you have dsl or regular dial up internet, and what winodws you using 🙂 and does your ip changes lol, sorry for asking so much but bans are so hard to get out that the info might help people 🙂


    When my paid account was banned for inappropriate behavior. Here’s what I did to get out of the ban.
    1)Uninstalled Paltalk.
    2)Ran CCleaner registry portion (2 times to make sure).
    3)Changed my HDD Serial number
    $)Reinstalled paltalk and created a new userid (free black nic)

    That was it. I was able to sign in with the new black nic – not my paid green nic that was banned.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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