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Paltalk Banner and Popup Killer 8 Build 90

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    hey peoples, i have been away working for awhile and when i got back I found paltalk has once again updated there program…. grrrrrrrrrrr 😈

    Well once i have updated the BnP Killer to suit paltalks update.

    P.s Mark, hey mate i have’nt forgotten about you i just have’nt been home to make a Banner and popup killer for version 553, anyway if anyone has a link to where i can download that version, it would be great.

    as soon as i get version 553 ill make it for you mark 😀


    ohh i forgot to mention that this will proberly be the last BnP killer unless people request updates for it :O)


    oh bright away version 553 of paltalk is here 🙂


    they are going to cancel that version very soon, tyey have closed the file transfer server, they cancelled the mic, sounds, cams, all that, they will be closing shortly, as the same of version 7, they will only be allowing version 8 very soon. i dont see the point in working on programes for th older versions, like age checker, they no longer have age in the paltalk program, they have cencelled it so the age checkers would no longer work lso, i see no point in bieng on an older version to get older programs working because they will soon all be cancelled.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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