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Paltalk Mic-Jumper, Text-lag+Software by ChiNa-Man

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    This is ChiNa-MicJumper 2 Sofwares,This is ChiNa-MicJumper 2 Sofware.
    Lock the mic in MAIN-ROOM. Copy the Black-Text and past it in victims PM..!

    What happens is that YOU and VICTIM will lag for 4-5 seconds, and your connection will automaticly resolve the JUMP, and you will get the mic befor the victims is back on , and meanwhile your connection will be faster and better. Because he already was talking on mic, so ofcourse you will succes the JUMP by 99%. Remember you must have a fast internet connection as well.
    ChiNa-Mic-Jumper (Black-Text) Lag:
    Download from:
    ChiNa-Mic-Jumper (SOFTWARE):

    Video —>

    Posted by:

    By the way, The TextLag is made By ION 8, the credit goes to “ION 8”


    Thanks for the credit ChiNa-Man users can also check out the original video example here –

    **Please Note my lagg only effects Paltalk Version 9 users! This Code does not work in Paltalk Version 10 it just displays the Invalid characters as question marks unlike Paltalk 9 where invalid characters are not visible to your victims.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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