Paltalk new Have problem

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    I Have problem with my app < paltalk messenger Version 11.2 build 545
    Application v11.2121.6105.0
    Plzz help me to fix my problem

    I have computer with OS window 7 ram 2 gb

    please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    send fix it on

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    This could be one of 3, bad joke, a virus, or your anti virus.

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    Or, 4, it could be a Paltalk issue. For a couple of Fridays a few months ago that also happened. I was sitting in the Paltalk Help room as person after person reported this problem (and that exact dialog) that would kick them out of Paltalk. It might have been black nics only. There isn’t much you can do until Paltalk removes whatever is causing the issue. Or use Express while it is going on.

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    So you get 24 hours ad free, why complain? 😀

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    Thx chike , usenet7 , why with me cant have problem,anytime i am get out from paltalk or app crash n has stop auto 🙁 , plzz help me to fixed my problem

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    It’s not add free if you read it right it’s asking the person to reboot paltalk everytime. What i would do is uninstall paltalk and if you know how remove it from your registry then a online scan of your pc from eset then what i would do is download baidu or immunet to run along side your antivirus witch there mad to run in conjuction with your antivirus . then install 11.3 build 550 and see how that goes for you.

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    try build 550 …here >>>>

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