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    PeyTalk Have Several Hundred Rooms Available in Different Categories and Multi Languages. Browse the Categories and Pick Any Room you Like, We are Sure you will Find a Room for You. Or Create You Own Room and host it wisely and successfully.

    When you create a Nickname
    you will get an E-mail
    from Peytalk Messenger
    You Can Create Space, Dot,
    Dash, Underscore and Simple Nicks
    here When You Create a Nickname,
    So Please save Your Nickname Information
    that will be Helpful to you in Future

    We are constantly trying to improve the PEYTALK program and testing out new features. Prior to general release we will request your help to test out new functionalities. Please provide thorough constructive and objective feedback. Never allow a friend on a new version which was not released to public. During the testing of this version you will encounter some bugs which you should refrain from discussing in opened rooms with normal user

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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