Process Explorer (For messing the handles or Multi window messengers)

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    Pardon me with this post. I don’t know where can I put this topic in the forum so I decided to go here in General section.

    Here is a program I found in google by searching, “HOW TO MULTI WINDOW CAMFROG”. And this is what I’ve found.

    Just run as administrator, once in the program itself, press CTRL + L to see handles pane.

    Select the process Paltalk.exe or Camfrog.exe in the process tree above.

    Select the type of the program called, “MUTANT” located @ handles pane below (once opened)


    Type       Name

    MutantBaseNamedObjects{C4CAE40A-F462-4adb-86FA-E19BF845FF16} <— PALTALK
    MutantSessions1BaseNamedObjects39226fe8-e227-494b-a788-8a992c14d8fe <— CAMFROG

    Right Click on the handles and select Close Handle and open your paltalk or camfrog messenger just like the way you open it.

    And that’s it. You are now using multi-window messenger.


    Note: This method won’t work in Beyluxe. I don’t know why. It gives me error. Maybe others can figure that out. 🙂

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