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    Here is my latest program.

    QuicKeys is a Paltalk room administration tool. It is made up of F1 – F11 hot keys, Page Up and Page Down hot keys, a Color Fade text poster tool, an auto bounce and auto red dot tool, and an auto talker.

    The F1 – F11 keys can be used from the keyboard or the buttons on the form. F1 is a manual bouncer, that will bounce the highlighted nic from the Paltalk room. F2 is a manual Red Dotter, that will Red Dot the highlighted nic in the Paltalk room. F3 – F11 will post a user predefined message into the Paltalk room. Using the Shift key with F3 – F11 will add the highlighted nic to the beginning of the post.

    The Page Up key will open the Paltalk room admin console.

    The Page Down key will remove all hands.

    The Color Fade Text view will allow for “on the fly” messages to be created and sent to the Paltalk room. This feature can be used for Color Fade text as well as multi line posts and more. Use your creativity.

    The Bouncer can be set up to bounce or red dot automatically based on what works for your situation.

    The Auto Talker can be configured with up to 11 different things to post. It will sequence through them one at a time.

    This program will not run on 64bit OS


    Works great.
    Nice take on a admin tool.


    Another great program man 🙂 ya kick asz once omore :swift:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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