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Room Fucker Release :0)

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    What up peep, in keeping up the tadiction of this program, now the build43 is out. so now it works with the new paltalk build 43.

    For those of you dont know, the room fucker was first created by Icedesigns, 🙂 And I like the program so much that I made a new one to work with the new paltalk.

    What this program does is. it sends a messege to the room and closes the room real fast so its harder for them to bounce you or red dot you.

    Big thanks to H@cky and Ice for helping me out with this proggie 🙂
    Download it Here

    Any bugs please report it here.

    Oh one thing, it works best if you guys fuck with rooms that dont have pop ups, so get a pop up blocker for best result 🙂


    if anyone had download it yet, redownload it again lol i fix some errors is better now 🙂


    Yeah nice program.. i tryed it but it just shows up 1 line sentence!!
    Couldnt you do that for more then just one… ??
    Could be like a flooder in a high speed and then getting from room quickly!

    Would be cool 🙂

    Wish I was able to program programs like you guys here, would even start but is just 🙁 dont know where and with what to start with!!?


    is it just for the new paltalk?


    jus the new paltalk:D


    Yeps mark is for build 43 Soon it will be upgraded it for build 54

    Yo bucki I think the problem is that if the line it too long it wont go all cause it closes the room to fast,

    But here the real problem if i make it so it sends multiple line, your nick will stay in the room so long that they will bounce u easyly 🙂 so its better if u send short sentences. one thing i can do is make it liek kindna like a flooder fucker, 🙂
    Hey man you can learn programing its easy we here to help ya, if u ever want to try it just ask, like look here is the code for the program the room fucker

    is in visual basic


    Hi all. this room fuck does not work for new paltalk .could any one tell me if there is any new release.Thanks


    I put it somewhere else 🙂 but here it is is for paltalk 8.1 build 104

    to use it just add the room ro your favorite list and then open the fav list console and highlight the room u want to mess with and click on fuck it 🙂

    here you go


    Many thanks mate for your nice prog. I tried it and the only problem it has that it needs 2 click on fuck it button to enter the room and paste the massage and get out. Can u make it so that onone click it goes inside the room and paste the massage and come out fast.Also when u click it takes a while to enter the room !! i am testing it on blue name so it should be fast.Thanks


    lol it should do it on one click 🙂
    does it do that all the time, it happens sometime where u have to click twice it depends on how fast the room loads, but thas a paltalk problem 🙂

    i might try to improve it too, will see


    blue nickname send ( ) pleasee ( ım sorry 🙁 🙄


    yup dis my fav tool 4 paltalk


    i tried the new room fu…… my window was closed but the room not ,i tried again and admin caught me and get banned.


    hahahaha oh boy dats waqt its supposedf 2 do ur not gona shut down the room for everyone


    great work loco…

    I have done something smiliar to this for a long time, and the truth it works, but I wanted it to work much better, by changing the position of the nick, I mean I am working on changing my nick position when I enter the room, because usually when you enter paltalk room, your name will be at the bottom and this help admin to catch the nick, now I am trying to change that position o it jump to the middle of the list instead, and in this way there will just be no way to bounce you…

    great work loco as usual 😉

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