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Sample code for programming Paltalk for Desktop

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    I’m including 2 things here. A greeter program for Paltalk for Desktop (a demo with limited functionality) and my Visual Studio project directory for the program.

    The greeter works by interacting with an intermediary program ReadRoom. The greeter code is in greeter.vb. The code that interacts with ReadRoom is in PaltalkModule.vb. PaltalkModule is kind of a messy as it has evolved over years starting when I didn’t know what I was doing. But I treat it as a black box, so concentrate on greeter.vb.

    There are 2 functions used in greeter.vb.

    GetNextLine(nextLine), which gets the next unread line in the Paltalk window (via ReadRoom) and sticks it into “nextLine”. GetNextLine will return false if there was no next line.

    PrintInRoom(msg), prints the string msg in the Paltalk room.

    There is a Timer that calls GetNextLine once a second to read lines.

    So what can you do with this? You could write an insult program that insults people when they type certain things in the room, or you could warn people if they use certain language. Or you could write your own trivia bot as I wrote one.

    If you want to distribute ReadRoom with anything you write I have no problem with that. If I knew how to write a DLL I’d write it as a DLL. And if I was more comfortable with C I’d use that instead of Visual Basic.


    Thanks Man 🙂 was this written under visual basic 2022?


    Yeps is 2022 which anyone that wants to work with the code you can get here the community version is free 🙂


    Yeah, you should also be able to take your old vb projects and change only the parts that read and write to the room. I took my old trivia bot project and did just that. I have no idea what one would do if your project is in C#. But there are converters that convert vb to C#.

    Anything else that manipulates the room, such as admin commands, would be much harder to program. Paltalk doesn’t expose any nickname content in the room list.


    Wait so is your Roomread program on c# or vb, sorry I am confused 🙂 and if you ever had time to give tips on how you was able to connect to the paltalk room be very helpful 🙂


    Hi Bro Admin,
    I really need a source code for example
    Double click to send text to Room with picking nickname for New Paltalk
    It s for a catholic room. If it s not a hardwork, can you please help me to post it here.
    The Source Code that i can edit with VB6, or Visual Studio (Any Version)
    Thank You Bro.


    Well the new codes that people are currently working on are on C# so we need to learn that now 🙂 now the programmers haven’t release the full codes because they probably want to fine tune the code, like this one by @chicagodavid52 and this one by @NVYE we just need to be patient til they ready, I am learning C# right now in the mean time 🙂


    mic button click


    Hello everyone
    Please check this out and let me know, we need feedback. added support into NG for CG bots
    Ver GA

    Ps/ you can comment here or email me


    automatically login nick name
    automatically find the room and enter the room
    self mute room
    manually skip start webcam
    If the room is out, then re-enter it automatically
    if paltalk is off – auto open paltalk and repeat


    Trumhamdoa, I think I would find your room entry program useful. For my room, where my bot is always on mic, it would be useful to have a toggle for the mic so that when the room is created and entered, the bot then goes on mic.
    Does it work in the case where Paltalk goes down for, say, 30 minutes? Will it try to enter the room for 30 minutes until Paltalk comes back up?


    I think it’s a good idea to upgrade this program to a more professional version. have many choices. login nick automatically according to paltalk’s self-save password mode. right at the program window you should split into 2 parts. on the left is a list of nicks, and on the right is a list of rooms. in the list box of nicknames, when you click on nick A , then the rooms to enter of nick a will appear. and when you click on nick B, a list of nick B’s rooms will appear

    add 2 buttons at the nick list frame. 1 disable button, 1 enable button, alias disable function doesn’t let it work. and add 2 buttons at room list frame + and – . when the user enters the room they click the + button it will add itself. and create a hand input text frame, when the user enters the path of the room they need to save, it will add itself to the room list. “Auto show room name”


    the answer from the group
    >1. I need some way of sending text into the room. I can place text into “ui::controls::EmojiTextEdit”, but I don’t see >any way of sending that text into the room other than to send a newline character to the entire Paltalk application, >which isn’t ideal. Perhaps the “Invoke” of that automation element could send the line into the room.

    This can be done using Win API on our latest build
    1. Find “DlgGroupChat Window Class” window handler, FindWindowW can be used.
    2. Find “RichEdit20W” window handler in the children list. EnumChildWindows can be used.
    3. Send WM_SETTEXT message using SendMessage function to send a message to the room.


    >2. I need some way of reading who is on mic. Nowhere in the Talking Now/Mic Queue/Chatting column of users does it show >the name of the user, for example not shown in “ui::widgets::UsernameWidget”

    This also can be done using Win API on our latest build
    1. Find “DlgGroupChat Window Class” window handler, FindWindowW can be used.
    2. Find “SysHeader32” window handler in the children list. EnumChildWindows can be used.
    3. Send LVM_GETITEMCOUNT message using SendMessage function to get room users count.
    4. Send LVM_GETITEMW message with the LVITEMW pointer for the each user index using SendMessage function to get room member mic status. LVITEMW::iImage will contains 10 if the mic is on.
    5. Send LVM_GETITEMTEXTA message for the each user index using SendMessage function to get room member nickname.


    >3. emoji support. This is relatively minor, but limiting. Some emoji don’t show up in UI Automation elements. For >example, I can enter into the room and it won’t show up in QTextBrowser. QTextBrowser says there is a character >there, but it won’t show it and it isn’t in the text that I grab from that automation element.
    We’ll try to resolve this issue in the future.
    Guys remember the feedback and was this helpful? And what do you need to change? thanks

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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