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Should i Give out my Anti-Ban Source Code Free?

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    Okay im taken a vote here vote or dont vote i dont get the right amount of votes if i should give out my Anti-Ban Source Code for free since i feel that making people pay for thing is not what the net is made for so heres the deal i get a vote of Yes or No when i feel its reached the limit i’ll give the full source code out here on the forum. 8)


    yeah you should, votes or no votes, you know as well as i do and i quote: “making people pay for things is not what the net is made for”

    need i say more???


    ohhh dont get me wrong i have sold source codes before made a total of 35 bucks and i have over 500 codes some i started but never finished but if i dont get votes no hard feelings i just dont give the code out this is also to show how many people really support paltalk programmers you dont see alot of votes it just proves that the people who you think support you are really the ones who dont they dont have a clue the time it takes to make a program and the sad thing is i and alot of the other paltalk programmers dont get anything in return.only a few were nice enough to donate thats the reason i dont like to help people for free is because they dont care.they want want want but dont wanna give in return so i say fu©k them!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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