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Sorry Guys Cracks For Software Are not aloud :(

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    Yo my people This is the deal, 🙂

    One of my host already close my site before for posting cracks for copyrights software.

    So I cant aloud or they will close my site again
    Also the people that place ads on my sites dont like that either 🙂 its against their TOS so they can close my accoutn too,

    All I can say I am sorry you guys know I am all about freedom, but in this case my hands are tide.

    Please forgive me if I delete a post which has a software crack in it.


    I Was thinking of getting a site that alouds this stuff any sugestiong be great, even porn, so i can bring the vip area back too lol 🙂

    But please guys follow this little rule 😉

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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