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This forum need’s a big change…

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    Not many people are really Into Paltalk anymore..

    I think Loco, you should re-do the whole place and make it a little more interesting.. here’s some idea’s..

    Graphic’s.. (as in clan’s and tutorial’s) I could help with that I love graphics 😛

    Gaming.. Counterstrike SWAT 4 ect… (clan’s news updates teamspeak)


    A WHOLE NEW Template… that’ll make thing’s interesting..

    new forum’s with a better template

    and I guarantee you They’ll be more User’s and if you have a Gaming Clan and recruit some good player’s and host a server like on CS or something :/

    Since I keep mentioning CS I LOVE CS 😛

    That’s really it…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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