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Un-bounce from admin-cosole

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    Anyone know how to unbounce from the room any sample code

    you guy have fast bounce by list any think for unboune


    to unbounce is not a huge chalenge, but you have to have a way to select the nic to unbounce. basicly your program flow would be the same as how you unbounce manually.

    1 – send command to open admin console
    2 – locate nic in bounce list and highlight
    3 – press unbounce button
    4 – close admin console

    i don’t know how you want to track the nic to unbounce… maybe store the last nic bounced by your program, so with the press of a button it will unbounce last bounce… or have a button that will bounce and then unbounce… or add a listview and add bounced nics to it and highlight the nic there and then use it to unbounce.

    doing the unbounce is not the problem… but making a usefull unbouncer can be a challenge.



    you talking about the oubounce if you are send me the link plz

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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