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Voice Changer (The Best)

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    AV Voice Changer Diamond 6.0

    Hey guys, for the first time in Many years, I decided to share this with you! I have used this thing for almost 5-6 Years.I could call my girlfriend and tell her I was on the RailStation, and she would believe me 😀 It has the most incredible backround sound and noice techniques than ever made on any voice changer befofr! Like if you had a dog in your backyard barging. Def a China-Man thing :D..Or like your having 100 cars driving throug your street, and still be able to talk. Or like being in a JUNGLE and all the birds singing arround you, and especially the frog sound wich you will hear everywhere.
    This is my special VOICE CHANGER KIT. And I hope you will all like it! This is totally a Favorit..

    Note: There is Team Virility Keygen inside, Run it and PUT your email inside, open the VOICE CHANGER and use your email and the CODE below to UNLOCK THE SOFTWARE! If you had trouble unlocking it, Just contact me or reply here, and I will help you!

    by China-Man

    Download Below:
    MirrorCreator Full-Link:
    MirrorCreator – ShortLink:
    Rar Password:

    Virus Test by
    Virus Total Image

    Short description, There is a KEYGEN, made by Team Virility, and its clean, but well after 5 years, I decided to Scan the keygen on VIRUS TOTAL. I was using it while I was having a WINDOWS XP! And my Anti Virus did not catch anything, because it doe have a KEYGEN inside, and I can tell you honestly just go a head and use the KEYGEN! Team Virility is some of the best out there, and they do not use any form for hacking or other dirty tricks, but any how I scanned the file on VIRUSTOTAL.COM and Here is the result, just some garbage result they could come up with!

    But if I havnt been hacked yet, then you wont be neither 😀

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