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Winamp Bot – Mega (New Version)

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    Short video on imFiles Youtube Channel

    This is the Official Release by imFiles and Newer Update of our old Winamp Bot! The concept is the same as the old Version! And even tho we were a week late to finish it! Winamp Bot Mega Is made to work with Paltalk 11.2 and All the Builds later!

    Compatible With: Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7, and Windows 8!

    A request was made on imFiles Facebook FanPage for a new Updated Version of our Winamp Bot Software. Sadly Paltalk Kept Updating and Loco had no time either to create a new Update. After 3 Months and a few Failed Attempts we finally Managed to Create a new and Updated Version!

    About Winamp Bot Mega

    Winamp Mega Bot comes with a Unique Style and and Cool Options! The main thing we want you to notice is the “Connect” Button!

    Here are a few things you Probably should Remember:
    – Start Winamp first and then the Winamp Bot Mega Software.
    – The Winamp Bot Mega will Detect Winamp Automatically and Connect with it.
    Here are a few things you Probably should Remember:
    – Start Winamp first and then the Winamp Bot Mega Software.
    – The Winamp Bot Automatically Detects the Winamp Player and connects immediately!

    But if Winamp was not Running, and you had the Bot already Started. Then Start Winamp and Click on Connect Button. Just as simple as it sounds. Else no worries, the Tool will let you know when to Click or if your Winamp was not Running.

    Complete Player Options:
    – Play Button
    – Rewind Button
    – Forwared Button
    – Pause Button
    – Stop Button

    Other Options:
    Hold Mic
    Release Mic
    Create your own Text befor the “Track Title”
    Change Track Title Color and Text Color
    Button to Show Mixer Controls
    Button Show your Sound Control
    ….and more

    Admin Controls – Help Page

    Commands & Admin Controls:

    You can also Control the Player Directly from the room. You can add other Users also as Admins in your Admin Control-List to Control the Player. The Admin Control-List is located on the right side of the Software!

    Below are the Commands you can use:

      @play / Play the Track


      @next / Play Next Track


      @prev / Play Previouse Track


      @pause / Pause Player or Song



      @songtitle / Show Title of Current playing Track in the Chat Room


      @time / Show Elapsed Time of Current playing Track in the Chat Room

    Download Winamp Bot Mega from the Attachments Below!

    Extra Credits:

    By ChiNa /


    Yer video is private dude πŸ˜†


    Omg lol Ups! Thank you very much bro :D.. I have made it Public now! Sorry about that!


    Excellent Work Bro πŸ™‚


    looks good bro !


    Just trying this is there a way to disable track playing message? also i cant save the font if i change reverts back to default red & black


    Click the “Disable Auto Text” to stop the posting to the room…..I can’t speak for the other item….


    Sorry guys for Late Reply Guys,

    @NYVE , Thank you bro! I am looking upto you, so ofcourse it have to look good πŸ˜€

    , Reformed DJ is right about the Auto-Text. Thats how you disabled it for being sent in the room.

    And about saving Font Color, there is no options added for that yet! Maybe we will on the next Build.
    Thanks for your comment, and if there is anything else feel free to leave a feedback because thats what we are going to use in the next build!


    excellent work, I thought winamp was discontinued recently? anyway I think you should look into your own build in sound engine like the BASS library, far superior sound and no need for installing codecs to play ogg, flac ect… as it can be built in with BASS and totally independent from windows sound manager. Limp musicbot used this library and you only need to ask the people who used how much better the sound was compared to windows sound manager, not to mention you will have more control over your musicbot. something to think about for future project πŸ™‚


    @Dep Bro that was an Awesome Tip. And yeh it was also pretty hard to build and I couldnt find any API or find a Class for it, because all of the APIs out there was made for VB6. I had to figure it out for VBNET. The new Method for .NET needs to recognise Winamp Process first befor it allowes us to use the Controls. But works ok.

    I would love to look more into the Sound Part and and of course I will ask if I needed some advice! It has to be upgraded one day, of course! Thanks for the Tip Bro!


    I’m having issues.. the mic lock on this prog as well as another won’t grab the mic.. it shows my room-but it won’t lock the mic. Β Any suggestions?


    Tanya, I Can tell you why that happened. Its because if you have Winamp openned already, and then you Start Paltalk After openning Winamp, or if you join the room after having Winamp Open then in some cases you cant take the mic!

    Here is what you should do. Join a room first, and THEN Start Winamp Software. Simple

    Just incase to make sure I was right, I tested it and It worked fine (Build 599)..Β  Thats the Trick. So make sure you have your Room OPENNED first, and then Start Winamp Bot Mega while you are in the room.

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