Hello Please Read All.

Been a minute I aint been on this site, how you guys doing? I was in this other room one day and this guy had a “Bot” by typing commands like “bitchslap” the bot would react automatically and bounce the guy for example “bitch slap blackmamba” it would of bounce me , and he could add people as admin by just one command, I was wondering where I could get a program like he had, anybody has any ideas? Thanks all.

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  1. Lol the bot has the option too 🙂 umm but I really don’t know of any other program that does that, but there some peeps that do their own program and dont like to share it 🙁 have ya ask him to see what he has 😕

  2. Nah I dont think that’s it. He also had some commands where he’d add an admin just by typing a command in the room, and the admin would have rights to bounce anybody without an “@”, but it was bounced by the owner of the room that was currently there.

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