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program to check profiles and bounce out if no profile

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    This will be a very handy program if someone can make it up.
    Would love to see a program to auto check profiles of a user that enters an “A” rated or a “R” rated room.
    I have been on Paltalk for a while now and I know of several rooms that bounce users out of the room for no profile. This will be a handy tool for all the admin’s of them rooms that require a profile to be in the room.
    Some of the features I would love to see in it are:

    1. Check mark if you want to kick if the person has a profile or not.
    2. If they don’t have a profile it will warn the user and or no warn just kick the user out if no profile.
    3. If the user is under age (18) it will send a admin whisper to the admin’s of that room that the users has been kicked out for being underage and post the age of that user in the admin whisper so the admin’s can ban that nickname. And for the auto fill box that pops up when someone bounces that minor is post the reason “because the user is # of years young and in a adult room”.
    4. If the user has no profile it will kick them out of the room automatically after giving a minute warning either via custom post in the room or a whisper to that person and if the whisper don’t go through it will post it in the room. Cause there might have their privacy up to prevent a whisper to that visitor of the room.
    5. It will not send a message out if it is a admin that enters the room.
    6. Keeps a log file as a text file for all the bounces and reason’s and checks that log file if the users has been bounced before and if the user finally has his profile filled out it updates the log file and don’t bounce him again or the other way around. It could have a button to auto load the old log or not.
    7. On the program it should show the list of users and reason for the bounce with a grand total user that has been in the room and unique visitors total too. Also have a search box to search for a user name.

    These are some of my ideas on what would be handy to have in the program. If you have any other ideas that would helpful in it post it in here. I don’t have enough knowledge on programming but I have tons of ideas on different programs but don’t know where to go that someone can make up the program for me like this idea for a program.


    That’s certainly a doable project.

    However, There is no valid way to determine a users true age as any year can be entered into a profile to make the user appear to be any age. @Goofy wrote:

    3. If the user is under age (18) it will send a admin whisper


    what i mean is the profile age in a admin wisper on #3. even though your right can not see the true age of a person though but most usually go by what the profile say’s any way.

    also the ablity to have that as a stand alone program and a implemnt it into the admin bot for the users that use the admin bot for one less program to have running.


    Sounds interesting though

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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