Imfiles Crazy Bot (Bounced Me) :(

Hi everyone, First of all I am very sick laying in my bed, and 2nd I havnt posted anything all this week on any of our forums, and for the 3rd, Read Below:

I know there have been many others out but all of them had issues or bugs, but this one is Guaranteed… I tried it today 12 Of Juli 2012, to see if this update is better, and to be honest its took over all my expectations, and I must take my hat of for and the people behind Admin Bot.. As I call it “Imfiles Crazy Bot”. Because it catches every word, if uppercase or lowecase, if capital A or Capital Z, you will still get BOUNCED 😀 icon_22

Paltalk Admin Bot 10 (Crazy Admin Bot) 😀

If you dont believe me, Watch the VIDEO


Please give full credits to and a big thanks from us.

Download it from:

This will be published on Imfiles, Dutchplace, Im-Integrations and China-Cheats.,
But can be downloaded only from’s Page! (Give them a huge credit)

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