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What is IMVU?

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    Hi everyone here on Imfiles and Dutchplace, As a friend and collegue and Moderator on Dutchplace, we decided to go for an IMVU section on Imfiles and Dutchplace…….now altso in

    Befor you read this, please know that what you do on here is with your own risk, and we do not advertise for anyone or anything else going on out of our forum.. Thank u!


    IMVU is a 3D avatar-based chat program, where you can customize your avatar (your persona on IMVU), decorate your own virtual hangout, and then have 3D chat with friends old and new! Why instant message and chat people in a boring text environment, when you can look any way you like and relax in any place you can imagine? And Let me admit that IMFILES, DUTCHPLACE & CHINA-CHEATS is one of the first websites / forums that now officialy have an IMVU section! Thanks to Admin & Pacman for submitting a new forum for IMVU users. If you dont know what IMVU is, then IMVU 4 Times bigger than Paltalk, just with Less rooms, but 4 times more users than Paltalk! You better get to know about IMVU, it has been online since 2004, but getting more popular, and Its for all ages! By the times when I was working as a developer on imvu it was a bit boring, but now its all about Building and Creating stuff, Having your own DISCO and your own ISLAND…

    IMVU bills itself as the “3D Avatar Chat Instant Messenger & Dress up Game” because customizing your avatar’s look is such a huge part of the experience. Apparently users like the concept; IMVU claims to have more than 30 million users worldwide [source: IMVU]. It’s also a real moneymaker. In June 2008, the company reported monthly revenue of $1 million, and more recently, Best Buy invested $10 million in venture capital in the company [source: IMVU, Venture Beat].

    You can visit and download the Latest build! Every room on IMVU is a 3D Virtual rooms, you can buy your own room and other subscribtions, for 10 times lesss and cheap money than a Paltalk Subscribtion… I would not say that IMVU is for RICH people, but I call it the new Millenium of Money Machine… They are good making money on young people, but to be honest, you get what you pay for! The only MINUS is, that there is no help rooms, no moderators, no admins arround! So every thing is about yourself and your friends on imvu! If you had a bad experience or met a bad user, you can always FLAG him, read more about FLAGGING/REPORTING on IMVU!

    Thats all from my side, and hope you will soon start discoveringjthis new world called IMVU!

    by ChiNa-Man (Original posted on the Internet)

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