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Mass Tool (Invite, Add, Delete & More)

Mass Invite, Mass Add, Mass Delete, Mass PM, Ignore and Block

You must Install English Version of Paltalk Messenger (Classic) and Microsoft NET. Framework 4.0 to Use the Mass Tool Software. It does NOT work with other Languages of Paltalk Messenger .

I think I forgot to Publish this on Dutchplace. Well now you have it. Mass Tool is Inspired by Twiza’s Mass Invite Software for Paltalk, which sadly stopped working a few years ago. With The New Mass Tool you can Mass Invite, Add, Delete, PM, Block/Ignore and even send Mass PM’s to Users in your Pal List. You can connect to Single or Multiple Rooms at the Same time.

My Favorit Option is the Mass Delete option which allows you to Delete All Users in your Pal List. You can delete upto 1000 Users Manually in no time. This is the best method for Cleaning your Pals List or BuddyList on Paltalk and with Just a Single Click.

We have also added an Auto Invite Option to Invite Users Automatically into the Room (Without having to Click on the Invite Button manually). The Software Automatically Select all the Usernames from the Invite List and then sends the Invite Request. Notice, the manual Invite Option is also available,

Expand your Online Pals & Offline Pals List to Delete Users!

Notice: To Mass Delete Nicknames in your Pal List, Please Expand your Online Pals and Offline Pals List first!

Software Requirements:

  • You must Install (English Version) of Paltalk Messenger to use the Software.
  • Microsoft NET. Framework 4.0

Please Download and Install Microsoft NET. Framework 4.0 first in order to Use the Mass Tool Software.

Options in Mass Tool:

– Mass Add Users
– Mass Invite Users
– Mass Delete Users from Pal List (Expand your PalList first)
– Mass Block in Room + Pal List.
– Mass Ignore in Room
– Mass PM Users in PalList (Auto Sends)
– More options will be added later on. Such as Import and Export of Users

Please know that you need to Install the English Version of Paltalk to use the Software. Else it wont work.

Important: Some AntiVirus Software flag the Software as a Virus. Its because of the String Eneryptions Method we use for protection of our Softwares. Please add the[b] MassTool.exe[/b] file as an exception in your Anti-Virus Exceptions List to avoid auto removal of the Software, incl. False Flags and Warnings.

11 thoughts on “Mass Tool (Invite, Add, Delete & More)”

  1. A New Version has been Uploaded with Support for 64Bit Windows.

    1. You have to Download and Install English version of Paltalk (ONLY ENGLISH)
    2. You have to Install Install NET. Framework 4.0 on your Windows to use the Mass Tool.

    Notice: Some Anti Virus might falsely Flag the Software as Dangerouse. Its beccause we use String Encryption to Protect the Software. Thats something Anti-Virus Softwared doesn’nt Like. Incase it happens to you, then just Add the Software (MassTool.exe) as an Exception in your Anti-Virus Exceptions List.

    1. What do you mean with “English Paltalk is Patched Too?

      The English version of Paltalk is the Default Version. I dont think Paltalk Patches their Softwares. And neither are our Programs Patched!

      If you have issues with running the Current Paltalk Build, then we recommend contacting Paltalk by visiting this Link:

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