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Paltalk Quick Bouncer

Paltalk Quick Bouncer is a program made by TVKSoft long time ago, and I was ask for it and it turns out it still works for the new paltalk 9.9, which is great because you can bounce people pretty quickly and it has many choices of hotkeys and more is a real cool program. So I guess it works with all paltalks 🙂 So if you are a room admin this a pretty cool program to have in paltalk.

2 thoughts on “Paltalk Quick Bouncer”

  1. Thanks for the Notice dear. am sure that its a False Positive Flag. You can compile the source and view its complete codings.

    The reason why some Anti Virus programs might consider this type of Programs as a False Postive Virus. is because of the Programming Languages (VB & NET) used for its Developement can be been easily recognised as Virus by some AV Softwares. (But not a dangerouse Virus) Just a False Positive Flag).

    I personally scan Programs with strong>MalewareBytes and Windows Security Essentials. If it passes both Scans, then I see no Problems using the Program. And I just scanned the “quickbouncer.exe” as well, and No Virus was found.

    So far we havn’t had anyone reportng broken Computers or other bad stuff regarding this. So there should be no Problems using the Program.

    Best of luck and thanks for Downloading….

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