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Paltalk Sastifaction Scroller 11.7

Paltalk Sastifaction Scroller is a program you can use to send multiple messages to paltalk rooms, some use it for paltalk flooder and other stuff. It has many options to design the look of the text to be send to the room. It gives you choices for you to decide how many text should be send. This version has being upgraded to work with all current working paltalks thanks to String and others 🙂


  • It can be use as a flooder or scroller.
  • All text can be save in the design which you want.

New in Paltalk Sastifaction Scroller 11.7

  • It was made to work in Paltalk 11.7 and up except for Build 619

Older Versions: v.3 For pPaltalk Build 461 and lower. 10.2 v.4
11 For Paltalk 11 v.11.5 For Paltalk 11.5

2 thoughts on “Paltalk Sastifaction Scroller 11.7”

  1. hello
    the program Sastifaction Scroller does not work
    i have 11.8 Build 671
    i tried to download again the 11.7 vers and got same msg
    Componnent ‘COMDLG32.OCX’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered” a file is missing or invalid.
    please FIX IT tks a-lot

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