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Sign on Paltalk with two Nicknames

So I was messing around with Pattalk to try some of our old programs and guess what I was able to sign on Paltalk with two Nicknames at the same time by using the Paltalk Classic and the new Paltalk App at the same time 🙂 But don’t get all happy because there where issues when signing on with Two nicknames. One is that you will not be able to go into the same room at the same time, which is the main point of doing this. Another one I noticed is that when you send a message to the other nickname in Paltalk it won’t get it unless the other nickname sends a message to the other. Well is not all that but it still cool.

1 thought on “Sign on Paltalk with two Nicknames”

  1. YES I have to agree: If someone on your Pal-List Has another Version than you. There was a Problem of those People NOT Receiving Your PM’s and its Like it just goes out into the Wind/Space 🙂 . At the Very Start of Paltalk.. The Red-Hats always made sure that all Members Must have Same Versions of Paltalk. Today: Many Have Many Versions of Paltalk and this causes Glitches or Miss Information either in PMS or while your in a Rooms. 🙂 “peace” 🙂

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