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Adsense Messed Up LOL

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    man i got problems wit google adsense…. i just decided to check to see how many clicks i got and well….the following messege whgich i posted on their help forum explains it all. any of u guys have any clue wuts going on?

    @777Ninja777 wrote:

    What could be the reason why clicks are not registering. I login to check my account and it says i have 52 page impressions and 0 clicks. but i even went to a library computer and clicked an ad. it still says i have 0 clicks. i have the right code in my page. i have no clue why the clicks are not registering. please help me!

    oh and btw…..i go to payment history and february it says i got $1.14 and march i got $4.15 so this doesnt make any sence lol….why are clicks not registering lol?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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