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Ashampoo UnInstaller and ban remover together to get out of

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    Okie peeps someone hook me up with this info, and i try it lol it works, okie have u people ever use a program call Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum Suite its use to install a program create a log of what that program install, and then u guys can use the program Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum Suite to remove paltalk for instance, lol

    this what i found out, not only does it does the comple uninstallment i mean all the garbage paltalk puts in your computer, but create a log of what it does, a easy log that any one can understand 🙂

    so this how i did it.
    1- uninstall paltalk if u have it istall already, do it regulary without using the program.
    2- now use the Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum Suite to install it, it gives you that option once u open that program it will ask u to find the intaller for paltalk do that.
    3- follow the steps and be carefull dont keep none, read all the popups windows that the program will give u. at the end it will create a log file with all the crap that paltalk put in your pc, make sure u save it, okie
    3- now go mess in the room, they bounce you 🙂
    4- open the program Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum Suite, the second option will say soemthing like remove log program, click on that it will take u to the log files click on the one u made of paltalk. that will unistall paltalk cmpletely.
    5-now use my ban remover, follow the steps. restart pc.
    6-now install paltalk again and walla u back,

    🙂 great isnt it lol

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