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Blue Skin Mode & ChiNa-Emotes v3.0 (All in One)

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    Blue Skin Mode With – ChiNa-Emotes v3.0

    Hi Guys, Finally the old Smileys are back. Including many other cool smileys. Such as our new ChiNa-Emotes 3.0 with more than 65 Country Flag Signs, and Complete Blue Smileys edited and added by myself. We have released our new Blue Skin Mode for Paltalk Messenger with Paltalks Old Smileys. So we can finally get to use the old Smileys again. I really dont like the Small Smileys in Paltalk Build 531 and Later. This version is released for Paltalk Build 531 and Later. It will not work for Versions below v11 – Build 531.

    Notice: The Style is completely Build after the new Paltalk v11, and all the Images added are by, with their own Copyrights! Feel free to Share it Online, without Editing the Images or Smileys!

    Blue Skin Mode

    ChiNa-Emotes v3.0 Pack

    Watch Video Description

    This is one of our Portable with a new Fancy Blue Skin! We will soon create a complete China-Cheats Build Paltalk and the version will be released later this season! and our Members how have supported us and got us to where we are today!

    Install Instructions:

    1) Download the Package from the Link Below.
    2) Befor you Install the Product, Make sure to CLOSE and EXIT your Paltalk if its running on your Computer.
    3) Now Double click on the file you Downloaded, and CLICK NEXT to Install the new SKIN with ChiNa-Emotes.
    – You will be asked to Agree on the TERMS while Installing the Product! Make sure click on “I AGREE…” and click NEXT to INSTALL!
    4) When the Installation is done, Restart your PALTALK and ther you go!

    Download (Blue Skin Mode) + ChiNa-Emotes v3.0:

    Download EXE >>

    Download MSI >>

    **************** News!! News!! News!! *******************

    We have also released a Portable Version with the Latest Paltalk Version v11 Build 532. Download it and Simply Double Click to run your new Paltalk Messenger with Blue Skin Mode and ChiNa-Emotes v3.0

    Download Portable Paltalk:

    Full Credits to:

    Developed by ChiNa aka ChiNa-Man

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