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Paltalk 11.2 Build 545

Paltalk Messenger

Paltalk 11.2 is a chat program which paltalk has updated and we have actually new things lol as ChiNa-Man noted in the forums 🙂

Another Version has been released. I can see the old Blue Welcome Notices on Welcome has been added for good now (hopefully). Plus the DarkRed/Bordeaux notices on welcome in the rooms + warnings have also been added back as it was before!
And last but not least, Paltalk have added some larger Smileys than old ones which is much better and more visible!

Other Updates noted by our forums users.
New Options in the “Actions” Tab Menu is Called:
Send Pal a Screenc Cap
Send Pal a Nudge
They added the ability to see how many people are currently viewing the webcam.

Old 11.2 Builds: 539 541 542 544

3 thoughts on “Paltalk 11.2 Build 545”

  1. @Thanks Locohacker for adding my direct comments from the forums! @New Changes I forgot to add: The the NUDGES and SCREEN CAPTURE button has been removed from the Private Chat PM! You can instead find the new Options by going to Actions Tab/Menu! The new Options in the Actions Tab Menu is Called: >> >> Send Pal a Screenc Cap and >> Send Pal a Nudge !! And you can also see new who viewed your cam! To see how its done please visit this topic inside ouf forums >> Enjoy and thanks to Locohacker for always adding the new builds out very quickly in public!

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