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    hello this is Crash from Ice-Designz
    our site will be back up as soon as possible

    well lemme say a lil bout the way i work

    i use all my resources
    i find out alot of shit i can about everythin i can
    n i keep that shit to myself
    becuase i play it smart
    stuff ive found go from

    unreleased paltalks
    vulnerabitly in paltalks forum 😉
    n i gotten peter (swift paltalk)’s number
    o i done so much shit
    so before u assume im some kid on here juss hatin on everybody for their stupid worthless progs
    juss try to remmeber that some ppl play shit smarter than others

    ps . i mostly hate on kids that brag bout shit that aint even good i mean
    if u were to like
    manipulate paltalks server into thinkin ur some admin
    or u break into perrys house 😉
    then i think u should be braggin
    but if u talkin bout releasin 45 progs by february n all they do is findwindow n closewindow then stfu 😀

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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