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Paltalk 8

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    well ive paltalk 8 for a while but never posted bout it cuz ull see in the end n umm i sent it to 2 ppl (well one claims he hacked the dude i sent it to n got it so lets say 2 ppl) n well
    the webvideo.dll file is around 2 mb becuase of the new video feature
    now the bad news is
    once i logged in
    i got msgbox somethin like
    “sorry but this version of paltalk cant run on this nickname”
    or some shit like that but sendin same msg
    n umm i guess they got some nickname checker to allow u to sign on
    n once i got on it
    n off it lolol
    i cameback on pal7 n quickly got a pm from perry all like

    how u get it n im like huh hes like where u get it from n so on i saved convo but on other pc
    n then swift goes “ur on my alerts for trying to login on an invalid biuild”
    so juss the crc u needa get past tho i dun think its worth it since they releasin pal8 in around a week or 2 or so they said

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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