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    As we all know that today you can find dusins of software that decompiles net and c products in matter of seconds. As I do use it myself to check indepencies and so on..

    So here today I logged into our Friends Forum (Dutchplace) and I were told that someone had decompiled my/our Products. Some of the Source were decompiled correctly, and some were not!

    The funny part is that I never protect my products, ever! I want it to be decompiled in purpose because the codes that I am using is already in our forums as source codes, and available for everyone… So no need for that. I saw that as a very weak thing, but still makes me laugh lol! :mrgreen:

    So their decompiler had decompiled all the source files to a newer VB VERISON (2013). Our friends who are Admin and Mods on Dutch were waiting for my reaction befor taking any action! So thanks to them for that!

    1: Auto-Reply Tool
    2: Paltalk X Profile Tool
    3: Twiza’s Mass Action
    4: Pal-Locator

    I guess as we all know there is not much of a possibility to protect the codes! And I never do that anyways, because I know that it can always be decompiled, but this time I will… So if you have any advice about this, please add your comments below!

    I have attached the Decompiled Auto-Reply tool below, you could probably check it and see how and what part of it its done and with what software.. Maybe good for future products to be protected!

    Thats all

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