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How to change the mac address in windows xp

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    First go to start

    Then click on control panel

    then click on Network Connections

    Right Mouse Click on Local Area Connection

    Click on properties

    There click on configured

    There hit on advanced

    ok un the lower right you will see some choices, look for one of this it could be any of this, Address value, network address, and if you have sp2 it should say locally administer address, click on that

    Then you will see on the right an empty box on top of which will say Value, there you put the nrew mac address with will consist of 12 number letters combo, how ever you like it. but it best if you put a address which is similar to yours

    To find out what address you have at the moment, click on on start then go to run, there type command in command you will type ipconfig/all look where it says physical address, the 12 numbers next to it is your curren mac address 🙂

    If in any case you arent able to connect to the internet, go back to where you put the new value and click on no present the would put your mac back, or reinstall your network card 🙂

    Thats all folks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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