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inSpeak GetText and SendText?

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    Hello is anyone able to do GetText and SendText, please help me out 😆
    Departure or Syxx can you guys help?


    hey johhny, I have’nt tryed doing it with inspeak but its really not that hard, I will do an example for you when i get some free time (busy at the momment) maybe by the weekend i will post the source code example for you :O)


    Great!! Departure, as you’ve discussed inSpeak code in Delphi not like Paltalk, so I do not know how to, anyway I’ll look at the example when you have it and learn from there. Thank you in advance


    hey johhny inspeak is going to have wait a little while longer as i just got my self baned from inSpeak. It took me over 3 hours to unpack there modifyed ASProtector, then after loggin on with the the unpacked version of inSpeak.exe i was kicked off and banned :O(
    But dont worry i am looking into how there bans works so i can get myself out of it. :O)


    Congrats 🙂 Departure, When you found out … don’t forget to share it with me. Thanks bro !!

    Well I’m not into inSpeak yet … their sound quality is kidda low … so I don’t like it much … but here is some hints … I thought I may be helpful to you

    ‘ get HWND text chat

    Function GetMyWindow() as long

    Dim lParent as long
    Dim lChild(1 to 8) as long

    ‘Get Parent Window
    lParent = FindWindow(“TChatRoom”, “inSpeak Help Lobby – Help Voice Room”)
    ‘Get Child Window(s)
    lChild(1) = FindWindowEx(lParent, 0, “TSPanel”, “”)
    lChild(2) = FindWindowEx(lChild(1), 0, “TSPanel”, “”)
    lChild(3) = FindWindowEx(lChild(2), 0, “TSPanel”, “”)
    lChild(4) = FindWindowEx(lChild(3), 0, “TSPanel”, “”)
    lChild(5) = FindWindowEx(lChild(4), 0, “TSPanel”, “”)
    lChild(6) = FindWindowEx(lChild(5), 0, “TSPanel”, “”)
    lChild(7) = FindWindowEx(lChild(6), 0, “THTMLViewer”, “”)
    lChild(8) = FindWindowEx(lChild(7), 0, “TPaintPanel”, “”)

    GetMyWindow = lChild(8)

    End Function
    ‘ This function will return the handle to insPeak text chat

    after that you need to do the API thinggy to get the TEXT … 🙂
    If this hint is not enough tell me i’ll put more next time 🙂 …


    that sound pretty much it NVYE, you just

    TL = SendMessageLong(GetMyWindow&, WM_GETTEXTLENGTH, 0&, 0&)
    TheText = String(TL + 1, ” “)
    Call SendMessageByString(GetMyWindow&, WM_GETTEXT, TL + 1, TheText)
    TheText = Left(TheText, TL)

    then if you want to see what you have collected just copy whats in the string to richtext box or you could just send it directly to a textbox

    RTBox1.text = TheText <

    or change “TheText = Left(TheText, TL)” to “Text1.text = Left(TheText, TL)” <

    normal textbox


    Johhny NOTE: im guessing NVYE has already checked the tree structure of the controls to get what he posted, if not just use an API spy (easyest way) to get the structure

    oh and what he seems to have is the lobby help desk room


    Seem that we cannot copy text from inspeak chatroom, i tried but did not work, anyone here tested out?

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