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Jan 2005 Contest

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    The contest finally started 🙂

    People In this post dont leave no replys please. They will be deleted, 😆
    Dont get mad if I deleted your post lol I just wanted this to be about programs only.

    You may enter your program until the 30 of jan, but the contest already started so u will be in disavantage, but u still have tyl the 30 🙂

    Programmers you may edit your post if you want.

    Since the contest started so late it will last for 10 days. so it will end 02/07/05

    Any question send me a pm or create another post okie 🙂

    The winner will recieve 20 dollars Either By mail or Paypal (which I preffer :))

    Good Luck 😉


    ok sorry, had to update my program lol a lil bug on slow computers so modified it a bit so it should work even for ppl on 500 mhz dialup comps 🙄


    Paltalk Password Revealer



    Hi all . 🙂 I just went back from my vacation in CHINA . Here is my program 🙂

    Text Fader and Flowers Sender
    Amaze your friends on Paltalk and Yahoo with all the colorful fading text and fading flowers. CoolText Pro will also allow you to choose between different colors, text decorations, as well as to design new flowers for yourself. Please see the demo picture to get an idea how it works:

    Text Image Scroller
    This is a brand new function of CoolText. Now you can design ascii art and have CoolText print them outfor you. Without this tool, it’s almost impossible to paste such text pictures, you are not allowed to post text that contains new line or line-feed characters. Also, you can decorate your ascii art by choosing to apply either horizontal or vertical fading!

    Dance with the music
    Heat up the room and amaze people with all the colorful and stylish dance steps. This function is totally cool, and you cannot get it anywhere else since the idea was originated here. Again, CoolText Pro not only comes with pre-defined dancing styles, but also allows you to design new dancing styles for yourself. From version 2.2 and later, you will also be able to choose to apply fading on dancing text or not. Please see the demo picture to get the idea:

    Automatic Room Greeter ( Auto Greeting with Whisper )
    One of the interesting functions that come with CoolText Pro is the Room Greeter, which automatically sends colorful and fading welcome messages to every member visiting your room! Especially, welcome messages can be send to visitors in either public mode or private mode (or whisper). The Room Greeter works in the background using a separate connector, so now can greet people while chatting in other windows.

    That My new version: CoolText 2.5 Pro


    Latest version.


    It end 😀


    goes til feb 10th i thought?


    Oh shir I meant it will last ten days but the contest ended the 7 🙂

    So Scripted the winner 🙂

    Scripted pm the ifo lol how u wanna collect the price I preffer paypal 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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