ma dughter mercedes is dyin:(

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    To All members on my list…i will not be on paltalk or msn as much, due to the fact that my 1 year old daughter mercedes is very sick.she only has a 30% chance of survical and i need to be their for her and u girlfriend. i am sorry but i needto be supportive and try to get through this ordeal. will see you you and i am sorry….

    ma baby is dying, she is one year old and her heart isnt able to pimp enough blood right now, i dont know whats going on but they say she has a 30% chance of survival, even if i get 3000$ for surgery, its not guerenteed to work.she may die evry soon. i may not be on as offen because as she grew up i wasnt their for the most precious moments, her first word was dada, i wasnt their. i need to be their now to prsay for survival and so i can be in her life.

    once again i am sorry. but this is important that i see that she lives, she is what keeps me going when i am down, i cant lose her

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