Mac on a pc – osX86

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    osX86 is a crack ma software which you can run on pc systems, which is cool if you thinking bout switching to apple mac software 🙂

    here the link

    I am planning on using mac when I have time after school is over this will be the way to start 😉

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    yes apple mac is a gud software thnx man tried it 🙂

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    Here is the Mac OSx86 that runs on Intel and AMD processors:

    Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard 9A466

    enjoy….also in that folder is a tut on how to dual boot windows and mac… 😆

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    Leopard has just been announced to be released on 10/26/07.

    The OS will be universal so it will run on PPC and X86 Mac Hardware. You can find iBook G4’s that will run this nicely on Ebay for roughly $300. Older hardware, but still has a lot of life. Include the free Xcode developer tools and you have a great coding and development platform.

    You really get more out of the hardware than with Windows. Get the new Intel hardware and run OSX, Windows and Linux all on the same machine. Also get Parallels or VMware virtualization software and run just about any x86 OS.


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    take a look at the efi-x project…..


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