Macworld 2008

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    Macworld 2008 is today folks 🙂 this a day for mac freaks o see whats new in mac word, I am not a mac freak but I am trully hoping they bring out a new iphone with 3g support since I gonna be buying one this year lol

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    lol it was kindna faggoty lol they didnt make the anouncement i wanted a new iphone 3g so it suk 👿

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    Yeah, Macworld sucked, but Apple has said that they are getting away from “Trade Shows” to make announcements.

    The new iLife 09 is very nice suite of apps…collecting all your photos based on face recognition? that is cool.

    The new MacBooks are very cool…the 17″ is just too big for being portable…it is nice for music and video guys that need a laptop on location….but not for Cars/Planes or Trains…just too big.

    The iPhone 3G isn’t worth it. If you can get an original iPhone, you get most of the iPhone features without the 3G or GPS…but that is about it. Google Maps can still locate you within a block or so….and get directions.

    Iphone and iPod Touch are kicking Windows Mobils ass….the new Palm Pre looks interesting…I am getting a Blackberry Storm since iPhone can’t be used with Verizon which is what my company uses.

    Remember too, MacWorld is not an APPLE event, but a outside trade show that Apple used as its main announcement vehicle. I believe you will see Apple more at CES with iPhone and iPod…actually, if you look at a lot of the vendors booths…they use Macs to run a majority of their equipment…especially Audio engineers and Video products.


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