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    hello guys, how u guys doing ?

    i need help really bad guys, there was a contest in Vietnamese room, and i won the contest. The reward was a purple nick for 2 years. The guy who bought the purple nick pm and gave me the pass and the secrect answer. i’ve been using it.

    However, i just format my comp. because it was injected by virus, therefore, i lost my purple nick because i don’t remember the password or the secrect answer that he gave me. 🙁

    Can any1 please help me ? how do i get my pass and the secrect answer back ? i ca’nt go to help room because they need the guy who bought the purple nick for me, but i couldn’t contact him.

    thanks a lot !

    And…is there a way to get the password for an email because i forgot my password for my emai 🙁 i belive that the password for the purple nick is in that email , but i forgot the pass for that email 🙁 can any1 help me please ? DON”T tell me 2 click on “forgot your password” because i created this email with fake information lolzz… 😆 😆 😆 😆

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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