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New paltalk ban and bounces as of 10-29-05

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    Ok today I was bothering paltalk and I recive this bans and bounces.


    lol i am not really sure i didnt record them, but I almost sure those are the ones 🙂

    now to get out of bounces is really easy thanks to syxx new antiban. all I did was
    Use syxx new Antiban 1.9
    Change The mac address
    Reboot my router so I get a new Ip
    And register on paltalk with a new nick and email.
    It work like a charm 🙂

    To get out of the tc-9714
    All I did was change the email address lol
    I almost sure thats why I got out of that one caus ei didnt use Syxx antiban or nothing just chnage the email address.

    To get out of the cr-5417
    All I did restore the xp pro to an earlier day change the ip an loging with a new nick.

    Now I dont really remember the exact ban number lol but i almost sure those were the ones.

    Anways I hope this help some people 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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