Paltalk and Windows 8-Sound Issue

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    I have two PC’s, one with Windows 7-Realtek Audio and a new one with Windows 8-64 bit-IDT Audio.

    Paltalk Scene 10.2 Build 474 works fine on Windows 7. However, ever since I installed it on my Win 8 machine, I can’t hear any sound in the chat rooms. I know that there’s sound coming in cuz the speaker icon in the chat room window indicates it; however, Windows 8 or IDT doesn’t seem to recognize it–perhaps the sound is going thru a different channel! The only sound I’m able to hear is that of stream audio rooms like 977 80’s music.

    All my drivers are up to date; I also tried uninstalling/installing Paltalk Scene in various compatibility modes and running it as administrator. Nothing helped the sound issue. I did go to the help room, and all they could say is that there are sound server problems! I know it’s not a sound server problem cuz like I said, the speaker icon indicated that sound was being received, and everyone else in the chat room could hear sound!

    Any idea on what the problem may be?


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