streaming mic and music with realtek HD audio

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    Does anyone knows if it’s at all possible to play music with voice with the realtek HD audio sound card?
    I have a friend with Vista, she can play music or use mic but unlike other sound cards there’s no Microphone in speakers playback levels.

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    Dear Chike,
    I think it has nothing to do whit the type of Sound cards but windows Vista which has removed this option.
    Plz take a look at this link, i hope it can help especially regarding playing musik in paltalk.

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    @idalaki_22 wrote:

    I think it has nothing to do whit the type of Sound cards but windows Vista which has removed this option.

    I got news for you, it does have a lot to do with the sound card.

    I set her and many others to play tunes with this link, but this particular soundcard don’t have microphone in the playback level tab.
    If there’s no option to connect the mic channel to the output (Stereo Mix) then you can’t do it.

    I’ve searched the internet before I asked here according to the [rules:i3koatje]Posting Questions[/rules:i3koatje] and seen a lot of questions about it, but none of the answers explained this.

    Therefore I am asking if someone has this sound card and knows how to do it, or positively knows that it can’t be done.

    To make it clear, she can play music (when Stereo mix is default recording device) OR use the mic (when mic is default recording device) but can’t do both at the same time.

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    ok, thx for your explanation. Now i understand what you meant and think you are right.

    But just for your information i remember that there has been a similar problem with new HP loptops which are using a kind of sound card that it has no option:SterioMixer under volume control recording.
    later on it shoed not HP or the factory of that sound card had any plan to fix it.
    The soution was fine under the home page of LG computer as as Sw package which fix it.

    Maybe such solution can be also find somewhere else for the poblem you have mentioned.
    with my greetings

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