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paltalk banner remover

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    I need a banner remover that all you have to do is install it once and it edits a dill or an exe file to forever remove the dammed popups and ads in paltalk, not no n00bish little problem that you have to start up yourself ever time you use paltalk, I found this place from nabibrian @


    LOL @ H2kclan i mean wtf h2kclan i cant get over how there adults and they haven’t changed there site name i mean shit dude its like there happy admitting there a clan a “Script Kiddie” clan might i add these dumb british fruits M3TH0D Ryan and the rest of the fudge packing clan have nothing but a script kiddie site that they leech from others sites to make people think they are an elite group they did that to me before when i was doing ban removal one of there lil fags web masters copyed shit off my site and didn’t give me credit lets not forget that the stupied and i think they still have the old ban removal still on there site they haven’t removed that because there too busy sucking each others dicks and stealing other peoples work. 🙄


    Ryan Eley

    227 Great Cambridge Road
    Enfield, England EN1 4BZ

    Is my Hero, and im his Stocker 😆

    company was a great help! Special Thanks to them!


    how in the hell u got the info lol

    hey Dude21 thas what i bein usuing i know its alittle anoying but 😉


    Syxx… I dont know what you see H2k as being man but its not what you see!
    Whipe the shit out of your eyes!

    Wow a domain lookup… Posting people addresses on forums.. for what reason.. Why?
    Isn’t that childish? Not to mention it has no relevence to the topic that starts this post?!?

    In my opinion Syxx here hates seeing people use and he does hes almighty best to either try and lie and make sound bad but in reality its a Fucking Good site that many users love and donate to me every month to help me keep such a demanding site on the net..

    As for the domain name, to me H2kClan for life matey, and as for Antibans etc we stoped using Paltalk over a yr ago and we also stoped making programs for paltalk. Incase you never noticed our site isnt about Paltalk anymore, its about a 16,000 community thats grows each day!

    As for Paltalk Perry the programmer , comes to me when he wants somthing done about other rival chat programs.. SO in other words H2KClAN moved on a long time and your only just catching up, but to be honest now…
    You got major rethinking to do becuase u aint grown up at all!
    Your just getting fatter HardyHAr that head gets any bigger its gonna POP!

    Do me a favour stop whining about us!

    To end the record…
    Do you realy think a smart guy like me would use my real address???
    The only thing right in my Domain records is my name!
    And even you use your real name Triggie so hush 😉

    *-*-*-*Riped you to pieces blud*-*-*-*
    By the way one of my forum members reported to me about this post!
    I dont usualy come here!
    H2kClan is everywhere matey bwuahahaha


    Syxx didnt you used to run teen chat rooms…I think you did….and how old are you…?? 30….34…well whatever perv….it dont matter that your a wierdo…..anyways….how can you say that h2k is full of script kiddies….I mean….just because theres lots of virii and tojans etc doesnt mean its for script kiddie….people have to start somewhere…..your probably a script kiddie yourself….what the fuck do you know…?? My Skills : Hacking, DOS, Security, Firewalls, Delphi, C++ (Beginner), Basic HTML. Bearing in mind I am 16 and have been into this thing for nearly two years. Yeah anyways just dont be fucking with h2k there are some guys (Me being one of them) in there that would make this site seem like a playground for retarded dogs….including yourself.


    aww crap, I didnt want to start a dam site war here, I’m just asking for a permanent banner remover for paltalk is all, i like both of your sites

    is cool cause the admin commented on a php script i made and it seems it has alot going for it

    is cool too cause i can quicky find programs and its “lite”

    I dont really care if one or the other is a clan site or the programmers are just script kiddies, i like em both and i hope to see em around for a long time


    Dude21, lol dont worry man, is not a war between me and h2k, is just a little fight between friends 🙂 hey have u check this program by departure cause right now i dont think there is one that u dont have to start all the time, 🙂

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